ACWW is the largest international organisation for rural women with a membership of millions in over 70 countries worldwide.

ACWW offers practical help, mutual support and friendship by raising the standard of living of rural women and their families through education and training and by funding self-help development projects.

ACWW works closely with the United Nations Organisation and has consultative status with several UN agencies which report directly to the General Assembly.

ACWW speaks for rural women at UN meetings and keep the UN informed about the work and concerns of its members.

ACWW receives no government funding and is totally dependant on membership fees and donations.  'Pennies For Friendship', donated voluntarily by members, is the main source of ACWW's income.  The 'penny' is symbolic. It was chosen in 1939 as the smallest coin to be donated to ensure that ACWW's essential work would continue.

The Yorkshire Countrywomen's Association supports Pennies for Friendship with donations from Branches and collections at the AGM and Autumn Meeting.
YCA members have attended ACWW Triennial World Conferences in Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Tasmania and the USA and also European Area Conferences in Birmingham, Southampton and Dublin.  The next world conference is to be held in 2016 in Chennai, India.